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When we talk about fireplaces and chimneys, we’re talking about a multi-functional structure that keeps us warm during the coldest months of the year, creates a nice atmosphere, and is aesthetically pleasing in all types of homes. Nothing beats spending a chilly Sunday by the fire. On a cold winter Sunday, nothing beats relaxing by the fire. When using the fireplace, however, there are a number of maintenance duties that must be completed in order for it to remain in excellent working order.

Chimney Sweeping & Cleaning

The most essential responsibility is to have a chimney sweep at least once a year. At least, that’s what the National Fire Protection Association recommends for annual fireplace and chimney inspection and cleaning. If you use your chimney frequently, you should employ chimney services with each season change. Although you may be tempted to do it yourself to save money and avoid potential construction processes, the reality is that you may end up messing it up even more. As a result, you could end up breaking something, not cleaning correctly, or even harming yourself, resulting in a greater financial problem.

A periodic inspection has numerous advantages, the most important of which is cost savings. A chimney sweep will not only detect minor wear and tear or air leaks, but will also contribute in increasing energy efficiency. Furthermore, if there are severe issues, resolving them quickly will save you money in the long run. Likewise, because all of the soot generated will be removed during annual maintenance, the air quality will improve. However, the most important aspect of these chimney services is safety; the chance of fire will be greatly reduced..


Despite the fact that a regular inspection and chimney sweep keep the chimney in good shape, it is critical to seek professional assistance if you notice creosote in the flue. The more the fireplace is used, the more material is formed, and if it is not removed in a timely manner, it can cause fires. Smoke in the house or obstructions are two more reasons to seek the advice of one of our experts. Also, if you want to improve the air quality, soot must be removed as soon as possible.

Exterior Masonry Wear

Another obvious sign is exterior masonry wear, which can cause the chimney flue to malfunction in some situations. This would necessitate a minor construction process that would require our professionals to perform chimney repointing services.

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Chimney Procedures

Many basic procedures are included in our chimney sweep services to help extend the life of your chimney and fireplace. In addition to the inspection and cleaning chores, we also ensure that the chimney flue is in excellent shape. Creosote is formed over time, as previously stated, and this can impact and damage the duct. If the chimney flue fractures, carbon monoxide can leak into the house, causing poisoning and endangering your health. Similarly, as part of our chimney services, we inspect for obstructions and assure that the structure is in good working order. Bird nests, tree leaves, and curious animals that haven’t managed to get out are all common causes. The ventilation system will be like new again with the help of expert technicians.

We can also undertake modest tasks to correct minor faults while a chimney sweep is being performed. In many circumstances, chimney repointing is required if the chimney flue is not working well because the top is cracked, and the smoke is not flowing properly. If this occurs, our construction processes are quick, and we always keep everything as clean as possible so it can be used right away.

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Calling a construction company like Absolute Construction for all chimney services is always the best solution to any problem with your fireplace. When looking for a chimney sweeper, however, it’s critical to employ professionals that are properly licensed, insured, knowledgeable, and competent. Every member of our crew has received official certification from the Chimney Sweep Institute of America (CISA).

It’s not a good idea to get carried away with the initial low-cost quote you receive. Before accepting any chimney service, make sure to check credentials and see what other customers have to say. It’s a delicate object that needs to be handled with care, accuracy, and caution. If you want quality, a good price, and great short- and long-term performance, putting your trust in the hands of the pros at Absolute Construction is one of the safest bets. We are the most valuable construction company in the state, and with the best reputation.

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